My name is Dutch. I grew up here in Colorado and live in Englewood. Jesus changed my life in 2013 and rescued me from drinking, smoking, fornicating, stealing, lying, and all sorts of other sinful habits and addictions that were dragging me to hell. I am not perfect and continue to learn and grow in my faith all the time.

I am a retired professional musician and former K-12 public school music teacher. I build log-splitters, bicycle trailer shelters, and fix and sell antique musical instruments for a living. I love gardening, hiking, fossil hunting, canoeing, camping, fishing, and being in my workshop building and fixing things.

I am nobody special. I am not highly educated, I am not a gifted public speaker or talented evangelist…but what I do have is a voice and a desire to serve and obey Jesus.

There are many, many opinions on how to combat the homeless crisis in the Denver metro area but truly, the best and most permanent solution is the life changing gospel message of Jesus Christ. With the help of Jesus and the Holy Ghost, we can change the earthly and eternal lives of our homeless neighbors.

Please join me on the spiritual battle lines here in Denver metro area and help win lost souls for Jesus Kingdom and Jesus Glory.

Your humble neighbor – dutch


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